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For centuries, this dramatic Spanish-built castle has stood guard over the mouth of the estuary that leads to the port of Valdivia.
This is Chile’s largest regional library and has the added attraction of an adjoining heritage property, a house once owned by poet Gabriela Mistral.
At this Museum, visitors learn about how the Antofagasta Region’s mineral wealth has influenced its history and distinctive culture.
This Museum’s prime collection of objects in different materials illustrates the development of the decorative arts and the social changes they reflected.

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The National Service for Cultural Heritage is pleased to welcome you to its network of museums, libraries and archives. Some of the main museums are in Santiago but others, also with much to tell visitors, are in places as far flung as Easter Island or Puerto Williams on the southern tip of South America. On this website, you will find a brief description of the main points of interest, details of the museums exhibits and services as well as information like opening hours and contact details. We do hope you enjoy your visit!


Vicuña Mackenna: A Glimpse into his Home

Museo Nacional Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna